Our Story

The birth of Discovering Purpose Church was conceived through much prayer and contemplation in answer to God's call.  The desire placed in the    heart of Kevin Neal was born out of an overwhelming yearning to create an environment where people can come to understand what God has    created them to be and live it out freely.   The vast majority of people in life have yet to realize the true purpose for which they are created.  Our    desire is to develop an atmosphere that builds a community who works together to discover their purpose both individually and collectively.  Much    of the stress of life is caused in people who are working outside of their purpose and it is difficult to work in your purpose when you don't know    what  it is.  Our heart is to gather people from all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds so that we can figure it out together.

  We understand that ultimately our purpose is glorify God, make Him famous in all the earth, and reconcile man to Him, but how do each of use the   gifts, talents and inclinations that He has placed in us to do this?  Discovering Purpose Church wants to flesh out this question with you.   Our heart   is to demonstrate the love of Jesus and the character of Jesus.  We don't try to make you a carbon copy of someone else, we want you to be exactly     what God made you to be.  There are too many round pegs being forced into square holes in society.  Life was made for us to live out with joy,  giving   glory to our heavenly father. 

At Discovering Purpose we will strive to provide you with life changing encounters with God and with a family of people who love you.  These encounters will challenge you, strengthen you, encourage you and enlighten you.  We are a place of love, acceptance and welcome you to become a part of this family.  Our desire is for our church to be a place that mirrors what our heavenly home is; all cultures, ethnicities, classes, and social groups, worshipping together and loving each other.  What a wonderful picture this will be "on earth as it is in heaven".   

God's story for Discovering Purpose Church is just beginning and we are excited about what lies ahead.  It is an honor to serve the Atlanta area and we are thrilled to see how the story unfolds.